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Updated Syllabus of NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety


KBA(E) has completed its coursebook to reflect the updated syllabus of the Diploma Programme as of November 2015 specification. Some of the highlights include:
Unit A: International Management of Health & Safety
  • It includes the application of the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle to an organisation's health and safety management (with reference to the UK HSE's 'Managing for health and safety (HSG65)').
  • The purpose of enforcement and its principles of enforcement with reference to the UK HSE's 'Enforcement policy statement' (HSE41): proportionality of enforcement, consistency of approach and transparency.
  • Understand the theories/models and use of loss causation techniques
  • The types of health and safety leadership and organisational benefits of effective health and safety leadership.
  • The roles and responsibilities of Health & Safety practitioners
Unit B: International Control of Hazardous Agents in the workplace
  • Identification, assessment and evaluation of hazardous substances
  • The control of hazardous substances: the principles of prevention and control of exposure to hazardous substances and the effectiveness of various types of PPE and factors to consider in selection of PPE.

Unit C: International Workplace and Work Equipment Safety

  • New technology for fire detection, electricity, machinery and etc.
  • Appropriate site control measures that should be adopted to protect employees and others.
  • Role and purpose of work-related road risk policy and the key components of a work-related road traffic safety management system.
Unit D: International Application of Health & Safety Theory and Practice
A different type of report is required.
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